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"Inveniam viam aut faciam" : I will either find a way, or I shall make one

"Knowledge is Power. Guard it well."

If you would like to have your paper hosted here, please let me know. It will at the the very least need to be IT related and I will format it (font, etc) to fit in - although I promise not to change anything. Thats all there is to it actually...

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--- 2011
> Ignorant and Free
> Chickens coming home to roost - 2011 edition

--- 2010
> Dead Parrots and Snake Oil

--- 2009

> Gambles and Risk
> Keep the Faith

--- Pre 2009
Why we are still Sitting Ducks
> Who do we serve?
> Business and Technical
> Security - The Fine Line
> The Misunderstood Myth
> Finding Unicorns
> Of Hackers and Witches
> Will it End?