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If you would like to have your paper hosted here, please let me know. It will at the the very least need to be IT related and I will format it (font, etc) to fit in - although I promise not to change anything. Thats all there is to it actually...

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--- 2013
> 1,2,3 Chroot Jail

--- 2010
> ICMP Shell - Bypassing Basic Firewalls

--- 2009
> Simple File Encryption with openSSL

--- Pre 2009
> SMTP Relay Authentication - Postfix
> Passwordless SSH: 4 steps
> OpenVPN: Shared Private Keys
> SquidGuard: Protecting Users
> Configuring a DNS Slave
> Software Raid: Properly
> ADS 2000, Squid and Samba
> Access Control Lists in Linux
> Smart Blocking: SSH BruteForce
> Vacation Autoresponder