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Whitehat Advisories: Archive of Session Materials

The "Whitehat Advisories" is a special interest user group focusing on Information Security. I used to keep the sessions here while I was in the area to go to the meetings. The meetings are still going on but I have changed geographic locations. If you are in the area please consider going, the new site for information and more is ISGAfrica. For prosperity, and for as long as I can, here are the presentations I had onsite. Please feel free to browse.


7 April 2005 "The WHY of Information Security" Erich Samuel
5 May 2005
"Spam - Why it's not just Junk email"
Erich Samuel

2 June 2005
"Introduction to Cobit"
Raoul Kelly

7 July 2005 "Cleartext Protocols - Network Security Taboo" Nic Maurel
4 August 2005 "Wireless Security" Donald Jolley
1 September 2005 "The Dark Side of Google" Erich Samuel
4 October 2005 "Covert Channels - For Fun and Profit" Erich Samuel
10 November 2005 "Business Security Strategy" Clinton Thomson
8 December 2005 "Penetration Testing - Basics" Michael Poezyn
9 February 2006 "Monitoring - Knowing your Network" Nic Maurel
9 March 2006 "Securing Data on Mobile Devices" Raoul Kelly
20 April 2006 "What Differentiates IT Secuirty" Erich Samuel      
18 May 2006 "TCP Hijacking" Erich Samuel
13 July 2006 "Crouching Admin, Hidden Firewall" Randolph Osterroht
10 August 2006 "Brute Force" Erich Samuel
14 September 2006 "Insider Threats" Erich Samuel
12 October 2006 "Wireless Security Strategies" Donald Jolley
15 Febuary 2007 "HackPrac" Randolph Osterroht -Prac-
12 April 2007 "Practical WEP Cracking" Erich Samuel
10 May 2007 "Reverse Engineering 101" Erich Samuel
14 June 2007 "Ethical Hacking - Starting and Recon" Nic Maurel
12 July 2007 "Ethical Hacking - Gaining Access" Nic Maurel
16 August 2007 "Ethical Hacking - Hiding and Reporting" Nic Maurel
13 September 2007 "Zen and the Art of Paranoia" Erich Samuel
11 October 2007 "Metaspolit - 101" Erich Samuel
15 November 2007 "RSA UK 2007 Reportback" Erich Samuel  -Discussion-
13 December 2007 "Pwning a Box" Nic Maurel  -Prac-
21 Febuary 2008 "Disruptive Technologies" Erich Samuel
13 March 2008 "Who Moved My Firewall?" Clinton Thomson
10 April 2008 "How to Secure your machine - Free" Erich Samuel
12 June 2008 "VOIP (In)Security" Sean Thomas -Waiting-
10 July 2008 "Locking down Virtualization" Nic Maurel
14 August 2008 "Visualising Data" Erich Samuel
11 September 2008 "The Joys of Truecrypt" Matt Erasmus
9 October 2008 “Passive Reconnaissance” Erich Samuel
13 November 2008 "Quantum Cryptography" Ralfe Poisson  -Follow-Up-