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Every so often when I take a drive I run Kismet on my netbook, as I just like seeing what the general public state is of wireless use. Nothing terribly regimented or overly scientific, just some driving around and checking out what is in the air. Think of it like the google wifi sniffing debacle .. except Google did not pay me... or give me a car .... or the equipment ... damn!

Anyway, what did I see this time? First off, there were 2556 total access points found. Now how did those 2556 breakdown?

> Ad-hoc: 37
> Infrastructure: 2055
> Probe: 464

> None: 1048
> WEP: 839
> WPA: 669

Some SSID's:
> dlink: 61
> linksys: 111
> netgear: 16
> belkin: 18
> tp-link: 19
> bell: 423
> default: 28
> 'cloaked': 471
> PS3: 5
> print server: 11

Some "interesting" SSID's
> Dont Even Think About It
> Dontmesswithdd-wrt
> Gollum
> I give viruses
> bullshit
> captainunderpants
> watching you
> virus man

So what can we see? That just under half of the points have no encryption - that is just not a good thing people. Just about a third use WEP - which is about as much use as nothing, also not good. There are a large number of SSID's which seem to indicate minimal configuration done on the point - once again, not good. But at least a small number of people seem to have a sense of humor.

Seriously, these numbers are not something which inspires confidence, just think of tools like sslstrip or metasploit or hunt and then imagine the damage a person could do. We need to do better in making people aware and the vendors should really try to make secure setups easier. Oh well, until next time.