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Using Corel Draw 6 after a Windows XP upgrade
Author - Randolph Osterroht
Hello children and welcome to storytime, are you ready? good then, we'll begin. The practical purpose of this little bit of writing is when you have updated your version of Micro$haft windoze whatever to windoze XP and have now found that Corel Draw 6 doesn't work anymore, even though you own a legal copy of the disk etc, etc, wadda, wadda... The first obvious question is what the hell are you still doing with corel draw 6, but whatever, if you work in a place like I do, then you'll know that they won't spend a penny extra if they don't REALLY, REALLY have to. (I'm sure this document will end world hunger, dammit, it's so useful, I mean, everyone wants to use Corel Draw 6)
Lets Start..
First, I hope that you haven't formatted your drive completely. If you have, you have just also wiped out the program files for the Corel program and you can commence shooting yourself in the head now. But wait? You haven't? Good, take those files, usually under C:\COREL (the Default install folder for Corel Draw 6) and back them up to a safe place. Install windows XP and copy the files back to the harddrive as they were. (i.e. back into C:\COREL) Now strap yourself in, here's where the (not) fun begins.

Moving Right Along..
 I hope as any decent I.T. guy you have a (ahem) LEGAL copy of WinMe (that's uhh.. Windows Millennium) out there, because you are going to need to extract two files to your C:\WINDOWS\System folder of your WinXP installation. G
et your WinME cd, look under the cab12 file and get: mfcans32.dll and mfcuia32.dll. (You can browse and extract the CAB'd files no mess, no fuss with winzip, or winrar) Place these two files in your C:\WINDOWS\System folder.

Almost There..
Ah, right, but Corel 6 is still not working, hold on, we still have one little final step... The registry. Bring up your registry editor (ugh, click start, click run, type in REGEDIT). Under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software add in a folder (Microsoft calls them keys but they look like folders, if you right click the Software folder, you will see the option to add in a new key) called Corel, and under this 'key' add in another new 'key' called CorelDRAW (don't have the foggiest if it's case sensitive or not) and under this 'key' add in another 'key' called 6.0 . Right, (almost there, UUUNG) under this key, in the right hand pane, add in a new string value called ConfigDir with the value of C:\COREL\CONFIG. 

Last Words
There is a Microsoft knowledge base article on this problem, but it doesn't cover how to get by the registry thingy, and never mentioned the need for file mfcuia32.dll, there is one or two other programs that experience this problem due to these dll files being missing, check it out at;en-us;285908 . There, presto, that's it. you're done. and if you stuff this up, kindly note that this document does not have my phone number.