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"Inveniam viam aut faciam" : I will either find a way, or I shall make one


I have previously written about centralizing your server logs (see here and here), now lets enable our windows servers (if you have to support those) to the same process. This is easy and free (unlike most windows solutions), we will be using a small application called winlogd which makes life very easy.

Making it work
First thing to do is to download it of course, copy it to your windows folder and then the system32 folder. Then run "winlogd -i" to install it as a service. Now lets set it up, open up your favourite registry editor..
  "Facility"="local3"         /* Facility to send logs as */
  "Port"=dword:00000202       /* The UDP port to send to, 514 being the syslog default */
  "Server"=""      /* Change to match your configuration */

And make sure that the above details match your particular environment. If you want to see if they took, use "winlogd --show" will show the registry settings. Sometimes it may moan about not being able to find msvcr71.dll, just search your machine for it, it is probably around somewhere, just copy it into the system32 folder as well. Finally start the service.

Final Words
That really is it. Short, simple, easy and it works. If only more of IT was like this. Seriously, adding windows boxes to your centralized logging system is a good idea to keep track of stuff. As always, have fun and learn.